DXchange is an innovative product of Avani Cimcon Technologies (www.avanicimcon.com). It is an XML web services based, fully scalable, easily configurable Data Exchange Middleware Server. DXchange provides infrastructure for an organization or an application to form a powerful XML web services based communications backbone for the organization. It is built on the concept of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Utilizing custom adaptors, existing applications and data can be integrated with the DXchange bus allowing them to be exposed / accessed as Web Services (SaaS). Individual components can be customized for each application/industry vertical making the system extremely flexible and scalable.

DXchange is available in three versions:

DXchange - Lite

Lite allows individual applications to either consume data from external sources or provide data as service to external sources.

DXchange - Professional

Professional allows applications to consume data from external sources and also provide their own data as services. It acts as a true middleware gateway to systems and also allows pass through connections.

DXchange - Enterprise

Enterprise provides infrastructure for an Enterprise Service Bus. It allows any and every application connections and comes along with a powerful business rules engine with a Web UI. Each version can be scaled to the next one easily.

DXchange is platform agnostic as all interfaces to it are through web services including the admin and maintenance interfaces.

The integrated Business Rules Engine gives the flexibility to keep pace with ever-changing business requirements without any programming or code changes. DXchange allows organizations to expose their data as a Service or allow their applications to be exposed as a Service for consumption by other authorized applications.

DXchange has been recognized by NASSCOM to be profiled in their prestigious listing of 100 IT Innovators. (www.nasscom.in/100itinnovators)